AI-Powered Robotics for E-Commerce Fulfillment

Pelican RoboticsTM provides robotic pick and place solutions to help retailers meet the growing demands of modern e-commerce and omnichannel fulfillment.

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  • Bin picking

  • Induction

  • Sortation

  • Put Wall

  • Palletizing

  • Depalletizing

  • Buffering

  • Auto-bagging

Pelican PickTM and Pelican PackTM

Shrinking labor pools, increased consumer pressures, and the growing scale and complexity of e-commerce have left most retailers struggling to meet the expectations of modern consumers who shop online.

Pelican Pick and Pelican Pack leverage advanced AI, smart grippers, and 3D vision to enable robotic pick and place for a wide range of warehouse automation tasks.

A Relentless Focus on Pick and Place

Our products are designed with the Linux philosophy of "do one thing and do it well": Pelican Pick and Pelican Pack are fast and reliable solutions to pick items from one location and place them in another location. Sounds easy, but pick and place is the most challenging and labor-intensive task in the warehouse.

Pelican Robotics Lets You Focus on Other Parts of Fulfillment

Pelican Robotics provides modular solutions that seamlessly integrate with complementary material handling components. With a simple interface and user-friendly APIs, we have made it super easy for our integration partners to integrate and deploy pick and place robotics within modern e-commerce and omnichannel retail fulfillment operations. Our products can integrate with legacy systems or be incorporated in a greenfield warehouse to transform any Goods to Person (GTP) system into a Goods to Robot (GTR) system. We work with end-users, trusted integrators, and 3PLs.

AI and 3D Machine Vision

The key to our success is an intelligent combination of 3D vision and advanced AI that gives the robot the precise information it needs to pick and place with ease.

Enabling New Applications

Pelican Pick and Pelican Pack enable new applications in numerous industries for a vast range of item shapes, item packagings, and SKUs. From order picking, put wall, sorter induction, and palletizing/depalletizing in warehouses and distribution centers to precise product manipulation in the manufacturing, agriculture, and food sectors, Pelican Robotics is ushering in the future of AI-powered pick and place.

Modernize your e-commerce fulfillment with Pelican Robotics