Pelican PartnersTM

Our products are critical for modernizing fulfillment operations because pick and place is the most challenging and labor-intensive task in the warehouse. However, intelligent pick and place needs to be integrated with other warehouse automation systems to provide comprehensive solutions for e-commerce fulfillment.
Therefore, our partners are key to our success. At Pelican Robotics, we are building an exclusive network of trusted partners, including vendors, system integrators, third-party logistics companies, distributors, and resellers that share our passion to modernize e-commerce and omnichannel retail fulfillment by leveraging AI-powered robotics.

Pelican Partners

With a simple interface and user-friendly APIs, we have made it super easy for our integration partners to integrate and deploy pick and place robotics within modern e-commerce and omnichannel retail fulfillment operations.

Pelican Partners

Pelican Robotics Lets You Focus on Other Parts of Fulfillment

Pelican Robotics provides modular solutions that seamlessly integrate with complementary material handling components. Our products can integrate with legacy systems or be incorporated in a greenfield warehouse to transform any Goods to Person (GTP) system into a Goods to Robot (GTR) system. We work with end-users, trusted integrators, and 3PLs.

Pelican Robotics

A Collaboration Partner that Compliments and Extends the Reach of your Solutions